Incremental Capacity

The incremental process foresees several phases including certain requirements that need to be fulfilled, before an incremental project can be initiated and new capacity be built.

The incremental process starts with the demand assessment phase that begins with the market demand assessment by the Transmission System Operators after the annual yearly capacity auction. GMO NI will administer this phase of the process on behalf of Premier Transmission Limited in respect of the Moffat Interconnection Point and GNI(UK) Limited in respect of the South North Interconnection Point.

In accordance with section 4.2 of the NI Network Gas Transmission Code, Shippers are invited to submit Non-Binding Demand Indications (NBDI) for Incremental Capacity. The application window will last 8 weeks and close on 26th August 2019. Should you wish to submit a NBDI, please use the template published below. The template also outlines the fees payable upon submission of an NBDI.

Non-Binding Demand Indication for Incremental Capacity Statement

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