NDM Daily Forecast Accuracy Report

Under the EU Balancing Regulation (EU312/2014), there is a requirement outlined in Article 42, “Information obligations of the forecasting party towards the transmission systems operator”, Paragraph 3 ‘a Report on the accuracy of the forecast of a network user’s Non Daily Metered (NDM) off-takes shall be published by the Forecasting Party at least every two years’.

This NDM Accuracy of Forecasting Report Gas Year 2022-23 will look at the aggregated Distribution Network Operator (DNO) NDM forecast at a given DN Exit Point.

The Forecasting Party in this instance is Premier Transmission Limited (PTL). GMO NI collate the data and publish the report on behalf of PTL.

The report has been prepared in conjunction with the 3 NI DNO’s who are responsible for producing the DNO forecasts:

Evolve (Evolve)

firmus energy Distribution Limited (feDL)

Phoenix Energy Group Limited (PEGL)

Incremental Capacity

The incremental process foresees several phases including certain requirements that need to be fulfilled, before an incremental project can be initiated and new capacity be built.

The incremental process starts with the demand assessment phase that begins with the market demand assessment by the Transmission System Operators after the annual yearly capacity auction. GMO NI will administer this phase of the process on behalf of Premier Transmission Limited in respect of the Moffat Interconnection Point and GNI(UK) Limited in respect of the South North Interconnection Point.

In accordance with section 4.2 of the NI Network Gas Transmission Code, Shippers were invited to submit Non-Binding Demand Indications (NBDI) for Incremental Capacity using the template below which also outlined the fees payable upon submission of a NBDI. No NBDIs for either Interconnection Point were received during the application window. As a result, the process for 2021 has ended. Please refer to the relevant Market Demand Assessment Report for more details.

Technical Capacity Register

Interim Measures Update Report  

Under the EU Balancing Regulation (EU312/2014), the NI TSOs are required to produce and consult on an Interim Measures update report.  

In summary, the report contains:
– An update on the performance of the balancing regime in Northern Ireland 
– Sections to demonstrate compliance with the Balancing Regulation
– Proposals to continue to apply Interim Measures for the forthcoming gas year
– An introduction to the Forwards Work Programme for balancing regime and market development
– A consultation on the possibility of a trial of a trading platform, on which Shippers views are specifically sought
– A view of the possible ways forward should a trial not proceed
– Consultation questions

Responses are requested by close of business on Friday 7th December 2018. 

Tolerance Review

NI Gas Capacity Statement

Northern Ireland Gas Capacity Statement for period 2023/24 to 2032/33

The Northern Ireland Transmission System Operators have collaborated in the production and publishing of the NI Gas Capacity Statement (NIGCS) for the period 2023/24 to 2032/33. The NIGCS is intended primarily for users of the gas transmission network in Northern Ireland.

It provides users of the gas transmission network with an assessment of the ability of the transmission network to deliver gas over a number of potential scenarios within the next ten years. 

The assessment is based on modelling carried out by the NI Transmission System Operators.

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