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Welcome to GMO Northern Ireland.

We are the single Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (GMO NI). We manage the commercial rules and all trading and transactional aspects of the gas transmission market in Northern Ireland on behalf of the Transmission System Operators in Northern Ireland.

Who We Are

The Gas Market Operator for Northern Ireland (“GMO NI”) operates the natural gas transmission market in NI on behalf of the four gas transmission operator (“TSOs”), GNI(UK), Premier Transmission Limited (“PTL”), Belfast Gas Transmission Limited (“BGTL”) and West Transmission Limited (“WTL”).

Established in October 2017 through a licence obligation placed on the TSOs, GMO NI is a contractual arrangement between the parties, and consists of a small team based in Belfast. The main benefits and reasons for implementation of GMO NI was to provide a single point of contact for all commercial activities relating to the NI gas transmission network, to have a single network code and associated commercial IT system, and to reduce the billing complexity for the network users. Since its inception the GMO NI has driven efficiencies for the NI consumer by avoiding duplication, and has simplified the interactions between the TSOs and their network users

A summary of the main GMO NI business activities is outlined below.

Primary Interface with Gas Transmission Network Users and other stakeholders for Northern Ireland

Managing all NI Gas Transmission Market Operations (capacity bookings, nominations, allocations)

Administration of the NI Gas Transmission Network Code

Administration and management of the commercial operational IT system for NI (“Delphi”)

Carrying out the licenced role of the Postalised System Administrator for NI, including tariff setting, monthly billing of network users and redistribution of revenue to the TSOs, along with end of year reconciliation processes

Market monitoring & transparency reporting

Managing and implementing market change

Monitoring and reporting on market related matters to all stakeholders